Seven questions to sack-happy Tony Woodcock of NEC

Seven questions to sack-happy Tony Woodcock of NEC


norman lebrecht

January 16, 2012

Dear Tony

1 Why was it necessary to sack an experienced, popular conductor of the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra?

2 Was there, perhaps, an element of age discrimination?

3 Why, after privately ending his contract, did you then link him in public to the presence of a former  – indeed, reformed – sex offender who was employed at rehearsals?

4 Were you aware that the offence took place 21 years ago, that the offender is fully rehabilitated, and that raising the issue now is both morally dubious and legally contestable under statutes of limitations?

5 What have you got against Benjamin Zander?

6 What are you going to tell the students?

7 Should supporters be worried about the authoritarian regime at the New England Conservatory?

Answers on a postcard, please.

best regards




  • alan lelchuk says:

    Excellent 7 questions!, especially three and four.

    The heat should remain on Woodcock, until he is taken down; and the real heat can only come from faculty within NEC; let’s see who has the guts.

  • ariel says:

    Shouldn’t he resign ??? it all happened on his watch ….
    The cowards know on what side the bread is buttered so no action here .