Now Val comes busting out on vinyl

Now Val comes busting out on vinyl


norman lebrecht

December 29, 2011

No sooner do we break news of Dude’s plans to issue his next Vienna release on vinyl for da yoof of today than others come crowding in on the scene.

Valentina Lisitsa, Youtube’s fave pianist of all time, has just laid down a super-analogue Liszt that’s coming out soon on LP. Here’s how:

And Brooklyn Rider string quartet are coming up fast behind. See here. As someone said earlier, it’s back to the future.



  • Such is life’s turntable … everything comes around again! This is great news for me. I love vinyl!

  • Stan says:

    I would like Val to clarify her preference of locations where her recordings may be downloaded.
    There are some Beethoven Sonatas and the “unreleased” Naxos recordings, for example.
    Are these “bootleg:” versions, or does she authorize and benefit from such downloads?

    And is there any news on the Rachmaninoff Concertos?


    • Naxos lost all the rights to the debut recital according to the contract. I am erased from their catalog. The bootleg copies you see are : 1. either ripped advance copy CDs that were sent to stores – some people managed to grab one – or – 2. Naxos illegaly keeps it in their streaming library and on Spotify.
      Beethoven and other fake CD downloads are simply ripped MP3 from YouTube.
      You probably mean one of these websites ?
      I see 100s of major label releases ripped off there.Nobody bothers to close it down.
      I do not benefit from those versions, nobody other than Naxos benefits from Naxos releases.
      Anyway, this is a topic for another conversation 🙂 Let’s get back to LP business…