Top ten music stories of 2011 on Slipped Disc

Top ten music stories of 2011 on Slipped Disc


norman lebrecht

December 29, 2011

Unlike the general run of journa-lists, the annual tally on Slipped Disc is not a subjective crawl through the cuttings file but a verified chart of the stories that were most read on this site since January 2011. Many are hard news items that were broken here or post by artists that we published first.  Interestingly most of the stories continue to be read every day, months after publication, giving them an unforseen online afterlife.

Enough of the preamble. Here’s the chart in ascending order of popularity.

At number 10, it is

Head of music school resigns. No comment.

October 27, 2011

Number 9

The Proms attack – a reflection by a leading British cellist

September 4, 2011

The distinguished cellist Steven Isserlis sent the following letter to the Guardian newspaper after the attack on the Israel Philharmonic at the Proms. It was not published there for almost a week, so we are giving it first airing here:

Number 8

‘Sexual bullying’, unfounded claims and the headless music school

Number 7

Something missing in this string quartet? (like, their clothes…)

July 15, 2011

Look hard. Look very hard. Oh, they’ve forgotten to get dressed for the promo pic. Happens all the time.

Number 6

How to buy a record review

October 24, 2011
The editor of Gramophone has resigned. … More alarming is the continued practice at the US classical record magazine Fanfare of offering reviews for cash.

Number 5

Breaking: Leading tenor in battle for his life after road accident (update)

August 28, 2011

Reports are coming in from Italy that Salvatore Licitra is in critical condition in hospital after a road accident. Say a prayer for his recovery.

Grave il tenore Licitra ferito in un incidente

Number 4

Just in: London Philharmonic disrupter comes out to face the music

November 18, 2011

The following letter has been received at Slipped Disc from the apparent perpetrator of the LPO Bruckner disturbance. I could not possibly comment. But you can.

Number 3

Gidon Kremer’s rebellion – a leading maestro voices his support

July 28, 2011

The conductor Fabio Luisi, music director at Zurich Opera and principal guest at the Met, has issued a personal endorsement of Gidon Kremer’s attack on the machinations of the classical music industry and its manufacture of fake stars.

Number 2

Germany votes extra 50 million Euros for culture, And your government is doing what?

November 23, 2011
It’s not a subsidy, Culture Minister Bernd Neumann told the Bundestag today, ‘it’s a significant investment in the future of our society.’

And at number 1, the most read story of 2011 on Slipped Disc is, by a huge margin:

Gidon Kremer: why I quit the celebrity ratrace

July 22, 2011

The great violinist has sent me the original, private letter that he sent to the Verbier Festival, announcing his withdrawal. I publish it with his permission and with that of Martin Engstroem, the Verbier director to whom it was addressed.

The repercussions of Gidon’s attack on the festival industry will continue to resonate through 2012 and beyond – to the benefit of artists and audiences and the discomfiture of old-fashioned managements.

Happy New Year to you all.