Happy holidays! EMI is sued over Justin Bieber Christmas song

Lawyers for the estate of J. Fred Coots, who wrote ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ back in 1934, have filed a lawsuit against EMI to claw back publishing rights in the ditty.

It’s one of a sheaf of recent actions arising from legislative changes to copyright terms – a phenomenon known as ‘Termaggedon’ among intellectual property consultants.

You don’t know what I’m talking about? You really want to know? Look away now if you are feeling squeamish.

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  • I’d sue over the tasteless arrangement and singing.

    When i am the benevolent Dictator of the world, the constant use of AUTOTUNE will be FORBIDDEN.

    Now back to the asylum…

  • Apart from the lawsuit, J.Fred Coots must be turning in his grave over the bad taste of the arrangement, the singing and the video clip. HORRID!!!

  • If you had to sue every prefabricated, premasticated, premature ejaculator teenage singer, you would loos both your money and your time quite soon. True, Mr. Bieber beats all records in his category.

      • I know! And this suit is of course justified. My comment was a reply to Glenn A, who proposed to sue for liability in tasteless music. Of course it is worth pointing that being an awful singer is not (yet) against the law.
        Apart from the legal point of view (concerning what we call in France le droit de la propriété intellectuelle), I think there is a moral duty to grant the plaintiffs a huge amount of money in damages.

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