Brahms for breakfast? How not to market the arts (+video)

Brahms for breakfast? How not to market the arts (+video)


norman lebrecht

December 05, 2011

Is this for real? you ask. Fraid it is.

Watch and wonder how well-meaning people try to sell the arts to kids who don’t have a clue.

Here‘s the video of Brahms for breakfast.

And here, even dumber, is Van Goghurt.

It’s from Believe it.

Americans for the Arts logo


  • Michael P Scott says:

    Well, I almost clicked thru to see what the ten simple ways were, so the commercials “sort of” worked. But the Van Goghurt bit was sooooooo creepy as to scare me away from both Vinny AND yogurt forever. Always with the ears, huh?

  • Julie says:

    It might be dumb, but I love Raisin Brahms.

  • I think you’ve forgotten they are American. Need I say more? (apart from, to be honest, this sort of thing is the reason I love Americans!)

  • Julian says:

    that’s actually pretty funny

  • Trevor O'Donnell says:

    Americans for the Arts no doubt has reams of research data showing that these messages are the most effective way to achieve their objectives. No legitimate trade organization would go this far out on a limb without mountains of credible objective backup.