Where was Domingo on the Bolshoi's big night?

Where was Domingo on the Bolshoi's big night?


norman lebrecht

October 29, 2011

He had been announced by the world’s media as the headline attraction of the Bolshoi’s reopening last night.Indeed, The Moscow Times and UPI actually reported that he had taken part.

But when the curtain went up last night PD was a no-show.

No explanation on his website, nor on any of his social-media pages. But a look at his diary indicates that he may have planned to squeeze midnight in Moscow between two Covent Garden galas on the 27th and 30th. That must have proved too tight even for a world-class traveller.

Domingo’s latest tweet from London, eight hours ago, reads:  Performance was great ! Very emotional ! Resting for tomorrow’s show.

Here‘s a Voice of Russia report on the opening.

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  • ariel says:

    That PD was a no show proves there is a god in heaven . One never ceases to be amazed by the Russian
    human condition – this” Bullshoi ” event celebrates one of the most ruthless of czarist times when persecuted
    were not permitted to enter Moscow -Poles were slaughtered left and right -ukrainians had to run for their lives;and on and on . I suppose the next will be restoration of some sort to the memory of the mass murderer Stalin . And to top it all off they gave us the Tschaikovsky Competition – ” Gospodi Pomilui “