Nige gets it on with the electric girls

Nige gets it on with the electric girls


norman lebrecht

September 19, 2011

The name’s Bond.

Just Bond.

A few years back they were the hottest crossover act in classical music, four conservatory graduates playing electric violins in skin suits.

Then what happened? The bottom fell out.

Of the crossover market.

And the girls started having babies. And it all went quiet for a bit.

But they’re back, making records. And working with Nigel Kennedy. Right now. Like today.

Here’s a link to more pictures of the Nigel shoot.

And here’s them getting down to business.

Bond. Rosa Klebb wouldn’t last ten crotchets with these girls.


  • Paul G. says:

    I’m glad you’re consistent with your research and praise, Norman. Normally you lift the lid on “collaborations” like this, but here you actually sound likeva fan. Have you heard them play? Don’t watch: listen. It isn’t fun. I especially suggest the Lady Gaga compilation on their site. Yep, one to be proud of.

    Nigel and Bond have the same manager; there’s nothing meritocratic about this. It’s a terrible way to bump start two careers that used to earn everyone money but have since fallen, rightly, by the wayside. I don’t get why you’re writing about this.