Ethical? Murdoch paper hacks victim's Facebook site

Reporting the death of four miners in a flooded pit on South Wales, The Times today published messages that had been posted on one of the victims’ Facebook page. Facebook is a semi-public site and its users are often concerned for their personal privacy.

Whether it is legal for a newspaper reporter to quote from a Facebook page has not been tested in the court of public opinion. I felt, on reading page five of The Times, that the dead man’s right to privacy had been invaded. Your view?

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  • It depends if the page was private to start with, or did they get access to it through inappropriate means?

    I think it’s not fair for papers to publish things like this, but if the page was public before the he died then I guess it’s information that’s freely accessible…..whether or not the paper *should* publish it is a seperate issue.

  • That’s a good example of the difference between been legal and been ethical. Maybe it’s legal, but it’s certainly not ethical.

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