Netrebko gives Kaufmann a love-bite

Funny things happen in these summer galas. According to the Berliner Morgenpost, the tenor ended the concert with a bleeding lip. ‘It was all in fun,’ said Anna, her hunky husband standing by. Erwin seems to find it funny. Read all about it here.


 Conductor Marco Armiliato (left), the Russian soprano Anna Netrebko, the Munich tenor Jonas Kaufmann and the Uruguayan baritone Erwin Schrott in Berlin on the forest stage after her open-air concert. Photo: Clemens Bilan / DAPD

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    • and I always thought that to earn the name, any true diva must unselfishly add to the gaiety of nations by outrageous behaviour on and off stage. I’m sure however that in their heart of hearts they’d rather be at home with a cup of Horlicks.

  • The Morgenpost writer has a really strange fantasy. I saw it live and on TV. Of course, it was lipstick, nothing else and Erwin made some fun wiping it off before they started with the trio from I Lombardi ( though it was already gone). You shouldn’t believe in everything what is written in rags.

    • I thought it was an awfully copious amount of blood for a love-bite, unless Kaufmann has a blood clotting disorder. For that matter, it’s an awful lot of lipstick

  • Let’s hope it’s lipstick otherwise in traditional Russian vampire bite he could turn into a Russian peasant .

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