Staggering effrontery: Metropolitan Opera shuts down independent blog

Brad Wilber provides information, or speculation, about artists ho have been engaged by the Met. He has been doing so for 15 years, since the dawn of the blogosphere. Now the Met have ‘persuaded’ him to shut down.

Read all about it in the Los Angeles Times, and in Wilber’s own statement.

Who on earth do these people think they are? Whatever became of the first amendment?

If Brad wants to post on (offshore) slipped disc, he’s welcome to get in touch.



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  • Heh.

    Nothing like the socialist variety of censorship.

    Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Castro, Wen Jiabao, Obama, oops!

  • I agree with Norman: whatever happened to the First Amendment? The MET should be ashamed of coercing someone to do their bidding. Wilber should come clean and tell all as well!

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