Latest theory: it was life indoors that killed Mozart

Latest theory: it was life indoors that killed Mozart


norman lebrecht

July 06, 2011

According to William B. Grant of the Sunlight, Nutrition, and Health Research Center in San Francisco and Dr. Stephen Pilz of the Medical University of Graz, Mozart died of a Vitamin D deficiency, causwed by lack of sunlight.

If only he had composed more in the garden…

Vitamin D theories are very fashionable at the moment, so much so that some countries ran out of supplements last winter. Three jabs, and Wolfie might have finished that Requiem. Yeah, right.

Most serious scholars still agree that Mozart died of a surfeit of marzipan balls.
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  • Marie Lamb says:

    Well, my doctor had me on vitamin D supplements for a while, since I work indoors and get little sun exposure because I burn easily. However, I don’t think she thought I was at death’s door from low D levels! Also, one only has to be outdoors a relatively short time to get the body to make its own vitamin D. People had to walk a lot to get around in those pre-car days, so Mozart might have made enough of his own vitamin D when he walked, say, to the local coffee house or to daytime rehearsals. Since there are no known remains on which to do an autopsy, there has been a lot of conjecture on Mozart’s cause of death, and not a year seems to go by without some new theory. A few years back, when someone concluded that Mozart had died of trichinosis,a colleague made joking reference to ads used for years in the USA by the National Pork Board: “Oh, no…you mean Mozart was killed by…THE OTHER WHITE MEAT?” Guess he should have taken some D capsules instead of the pork chops… 🙂