End of a violin dynasty

The great Czech violinist Josef Suk has died, aged 81.

He was a great-grandson of Antonin Dvorak and grandon of his son-in-law, also Josef Suk, a virtuoso performer and composer of Asrael.

He recorded all the major concertos for the national label, Supraphon, and had occasional excursions on foreign labels. For me, his most memorable performances were the Janacek sonata and the Alban Berg concerto.

Requiescat in pace.

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  • RIP.

    His recording of the Mozart Violin cti made for Eurodisc in 1972/73 in Prague with the Prague Chamber O. under, Libor Hlavacek, is the best complete cycle ever made, IMO. The Berg concerto also of course.


    • I grew up as a lad with his two recordings of the Dvořák concerto (why, oh why isn’t that lovely piece played more often?). Very sad to hear of the end of a line that reached directly back to dear old Antonín himself.

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