Last chance to watch the dodgy overdub (before it gets taken down)

Last chance to watch the dodgy overdub (before it gets taken down)


norman lebrecht

May 09, 2011

Here‘s the Youtube link to Alexandra Parker playing over Bond.


  • leo phillips says:

    I am not in the loop with all all that much of what is on display here, however I really would like to know why on earth is she feels it necessary to use a baroque bow for this nonsense.

    • neonlight says:

      @leo phillips no idea…as for the scandal, I know for a fact that she can’t play a bloomin note…a pal of mine is a music producer in Doncaster, and he said she couldn’t play any songs he recommended to her …he did a couple of tracks but in the end she tried to pull a fast one over him but he didn’t let her. I reckon she did know about the copyright situation….pretty much every musician has heard of the term…even in the books that we buy and play it is clearly stated in the back…as a DMT musician myself I’m not allowed to upload youtube videos incase I play anything which I haven’t got copyright for….she’s just yet again trying to pull the wool over our eyes…I reckon Bond should sue her backside off…she probably told BGT that the backing track was hers….