Britain's Got Talent violinist issues apology. It may not be enough

Alexandra Parker who, as reported earlier, played over records by the girl group Bond, apologised a short while ago on Twitter to one of its members, Eos Chater.

‘I’m really sorry,’ she tweeted.  ‘I didn’t know what I was doing was wrong – I did play live on BGT and was told it was ok to do this x’

Eos replied: ‘I accept you didn’t know- and I’m sorry you found out the hard way. You can’t just play someone elses cd.’

So that’s all right, then?

Not at all. Who told Alexandra it was ok? Someone from Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent, in all likelihood.

They ought to hear soon from lawyers at Universal Music, who issued Bond’s records.

Still at least we know that Britain’s Got Talent is a misnomer. Nicked Talent, maybe.

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