Covent Garden publishes rave responses to Kosky’s Carmen

February 7, 2018 by norman lebrecht


The critics have given the new show a distinctly lukewarm reception.

But the ROH website follows its usual practice in collecting only positive reactions from its twitter feed.

Did no tweeter say anything disobliging?

Read tweets here.

photo: ROH/Bill Cooper


Comments (7)

  1. Sir Kitt says:

    Yes, typical ROH (and…errmmm…every other company in the world). As if they’d retweet something that said ‘I thought it was a bit s*** and I wish I hadn’t bothered going.’

    In other news, the Pope is Catholic and Slipped Disc very, very occasionally spews out complete nonsense.

  2. Will says:

    Yeah not exactly surprising they have extracted the best bits.

    It would be interesting if they did say ‘this has split people – find out for yourself’.

  3. martain smith says:

    we haven’t by far seen the potential of internet!
    manipulation, manipulation,manipulation – a little like real estate!

    1. Nik says:

      This was a well-established practice long before the internet age. Remember all those film posters full of selective quotes plucked from negative reviews? E.g. the review in Time Out might have said, “I was expecting a great film and was sorely disappointed”. The poster said, “A Great Film – Time Out”.

  4. Player says:

    Yes, many did. Check out #rohcarmen….

  5. Maria says:

    Yes, a truly shameful practice 😉

    And who says that critics are the only arbiters that matter?

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