Wim Wenders, 71, makes a successful opera debut

June 25, 2017 by norman lebrecht


The celebrated film director was cheered to the rafters last night in Berlin, at the end of Bizet’s Pearl Fishers. Wenders has been pursued for years by Bayreuth to stage an opera, on one occasion pulling out at the last moment.

It took Daniel Barenboim to entice him onto the opera stage, to great acclaim.

No reviews in yet.

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  1. Ungeheuer says:

    Too bad the musical material is trifle.

  2. Max Grimm says:

    “No reviews in yet.”

    Maybe there aren’t any English language reviews yet but there have been German reviews for one or two days now.
    For example, Maria Ossowski of rbb finds that “Wim Wenders turned the Pearl Fishers into a jewel” and Volkmar Fischer of BR-Klassik thought it to be “irritatingly dilettantish”.

      1. Olassus says:

        Both fail to mention the 77-year-old Nourabad:

        Let’s hear it for … WOLFGANG SCHÖNE

  3. Alex Weiss says:

    Thank you, is there a way to watch it on line or has it been recorded?

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