Maestro is cleared of Korea charges

Maestro is cleared of Korea charges


norman lebrecht

June 25, 2017

Prosecutors in Seoul have finally, after a ten-month investigation, dropped alleged embezzlement charges against Myun Whun Chung, former music director of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra.

The investigation was triggered by a former chief executive of the orchestra with connections to a powerful political caste. The dropping of the case may be connected to recent regime change in South Korea.

Chung, 64, is now planning to start a new orchestra in the country for players aged 19 to 28.





  • Vengerov Maxim says:

    Maestro is most wonderful conductor and human being of our time. I have recorded Tchaikovsky violin concerto and some French repertoire with him and Radio France in 2015. The experience working with him was just magnificent! God Bless Maestro, I pray for justice in Music, so, we musicians can just do what we have to in our life – Music

  • Ben says:

    This is a real sad day for a lot of people at Ministry of Justice.

    Now they have to return to do the real work that they are supposed to do, such as dealing with prostitution rings, violent street gangs, drug lords, loan sharks, corporate crimes, political briberies, reckless drivers, rapers, murders, etc.

    I could imagine the sad prosecutors would be walking with the head half down for weeks, just like an national flag flying half-staff. Hope they feel better soon.

  • La Verita says:

    Bravo to Maestro Chung, for his spirit of forgiveness towards his jealous tormentors, and for his commitment to nurture and inspire talented Korean youth. He represents the best of Korean character, and he has only been enhanced by those who sought to tear him down.

  • Nick says:

    Bravo Maxim Vengerov for your comments! The entire case against Maestro Chung was a political witch hunt right from the start with the dreadful and hopelessly unqualified CEO of the Seoul Phil and her spineless cohorts determined to destroy him. Hopefully this frightful lady will now be hauled before the courts.

    And bravo to Maestro Chung! I have no doubts he will develop a marvellous orchestra of young people who will soon be heard in various parts of the world and on recordings.

    The only sadness resulting from this despicable charade is that the Seoul Philharmonic players have been robbed of their much loved Music Director.