Headless at the Royal Philharmonic

Headless at the Royal Philharmonic


norman lebrecht

September 15, 2023

With the departure of James Williams to be head of the Royal College of Music, we hear of major departures at the RPO.

Concerts Director Louise Badger, who has held things together for as long as anyone can remember, is retiring to Italy.

And former manager Ian Maclay who has continued to bring in commercial work is also heading for the hills. He is still listed at Companies House as managing director of RPO Promotions Ltd.

No replacements have been secured.


  • Bernie Glukstein (ex RPO) says:

    They owe a great debt of gratitude to Ian. He always managed to fill the diary, sometimes he overfilled it with two bands out at the same time. His ability to duck and dive is legendary, the players will certainly miss his ability to drum up sessions.

    • Manny also ex-RPO says:

      Bernie, only two orchestras already? Ian did wholesale, I remember three out one day and maybe even four! Those were the days.