Decisive French conductor joins Askonas

Decisive French conductor joins Askonas


norman lebrecht

September 18, 2023

Daughter of two opera singers, the French conductor Ariane Matiakh knows her own mind.

When her first job as general music director in Halle, Germany, failed to please, she walked out in mid-season.

When her husband failed to come up to scratch, she posted one word on her social media: Separated.

Ariane, 43, today joined AskonasHolt for a career change.

Over the past week, Askonas have also signed Armernian soprano Lilit Davtyan, American tenor Eric Ferring, pianist Denis Kozhukhin and guitarist Plinio Fernandes.


  • Manu says:

    Nice propaganda for declyning Askonas Holt.

  • Maestra says:

    Conductors like Ariane Matiakh are proof that women are completely taking over the conducting profession.

    • Fernandel says:

      You’re damn right. That doesn’t make Ariane Matiakh a conductor, however.

      • Michel Lemieux says:

        Her recordings speak for themselves. Her fantastic recording of Koechlin’s The Seven Stars Symphony with the Basel Symphony made into several top 10 lists of classical recordings in 2022.

    • LUPIN95 says:

      Are women taking over conducting on merit, artistry, and skill, or on PR, preference, and positive discrimination?

  • Michel Lemieux says:

    If she were a man, would you still point to her as being “decisive”?