Ruth Leon recommends… Amy Winehouse – Other Voices

Ruth Leon recommends… Amy Winehouse – Other Voices

Ruth Leon recommends

norman lebrecht

March 22, 2023

Amy Winehouse – Other Voices

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I had never seen this Arena documentary about the late lamented Amy Winehouse  who never managed to pull herself out of a life lived badly among people who exploited her until she died much too young before her extraordinary talent had barely had the chance to show what it could do.

This is a rarely-seen Amy Winehouse concert, plus extended interviews with the singer and archival footage of Winehouse’s greatest musical influences.

In 2006, a young Amy Winehouse accepted an invitation to perform in Ireland’s annual Other voices Festival. She made her way to Dingle’s St James’s church to play a short set for a small audience that left a big impact on a small town. Everyone in attendance remembers ‘The Day She Came to Dingle.’

Watch her full performance interspersed with intimate, extended interviews with  Other Voices presenter John Kelly, in which Amy talks about her musical influences, career aspirations, and her life before fame. This is a gentle and fascinating portrait of one of music’s most extraordinary talents.

Amy Winehouse was the real thing, not my judgment, but that of the great performers such as Tony Bennett who all wanted to work with her. She was a singer who showed her soul and then tragically lost herself.

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  • James Minch says:

    ‘Amy Winehouse was the real thing’

    No she wasn’t. She played the part a bit too well but was ultimately fake.

    • Bone says:

      You are an absolute idiot if you believe any part of Winehouse’s performances are fake, Mr. Minch. Regrettably, she is no longer alive to defend herself from slanderous garbage like your post.

  • tramonto says:

    One day, I heard her sing “Will you still love me tomorrow” and was immediately captivated. Just a recommendation for those who are open to it and want to seek out that recording.

  • Freewheeler says:

    I rejected all the hype about her… until I heard her. Then I was mesmerized.