All shall have prizes: George Benjamin

All shall have prizes: George Benjamin


norman lebrecht

February 01, 2023

The British composer, 63, has been granted the 2023 international Ernst von Siemens Music Prize, worth 250,000 Euros.

The citation calls him ‘one of the most important and influential contemporary artists of recent decades’.

One of the recipients of smaller Siemens awards of 30,000 Euros is another Brit, Alex Paxton.


  • I beg your pardon says:

    Oh for heavens sake!

    I mean, true you are influential if you’ve managed to monopolise the contemporary market at the Royal Opera House so they always commission you.

    He hardly needs the money.

    How to be a successful composer of squeaky gate music today in one of 3 steps:

    1) have rich parents (Benjamin, Ades)
    2) have influential parents (ditto)
    3) if applicable, shoving your diversity and LGBTQXSFHWKDH+ card as vigorously as possible down peoples throats (Paxton)

    • Ned Keene says:

      You’re just showing your ignorance. Do people really still say “squeaky gate music”? Does it make you feel superior? Jeez

  • James Minch says:

    George Benjamin is undoubtedly skilled but he’s never had much to say.

    • John Holmes says:

      He has that nice house in Maida Vale, just round the corner from the BBC studios. What does he need the money for ?

  • trumpetherald says:

    Fantastic composer,fine conductor,and a great guy to play under! Congrats!!!!

  • Beth Guterman Chu says:

    Huge congrats to an incredible musician! Working with him this summer was a life changing experience. His music was superb, his ear was impeccable, and his humor hilarious. Bravo!