Just in: Tar gets 6 Oscar nominations

Just in: Tar gets 6 Oscar nominations


norman lebrecht

January 24, 2023

The Todd Fields film is up for:
best picture, actress, screenplay, director, cinematography and editing.

Nothing for the music.


  • Couperin says:

    Well is not about music anyway

  • Gustavo says:

    John Williams, Bach, Haydn, Clementi and Kuhlau were nominated for the music to Spielberg’s “The Fabelmans”.

  • Sea Mint says:


    Slipped Disc’s Tar haters can continue scowling at curious new audience members and scaring them away from great music.

    • Adam Stern says:

      It’s not the audience members at which some of us are scowling, but the film itself.

      I am struck yet again by the fact that the “Tár” discussions have gone beyond civil discourse regarding wholly subjective opinions, and descended into personal attacks on those holding said opinions. A sign of the times, I sadly guess.

    • Greg Bottini says:

      I agree with you completely, Sea Mint!

  • Bloom says:

    It deserves some special recognition for its galvanizing forays into the mine/mind fields of classical music…

  • Alan says:

    All richly deserved.

    Some of the ridiculous comments about the film on this site would make you wonder about the intelligence of its users.

    • Been Here Before says:

      Just as Donald Trump is a poor man’s idea of how a rich man looks and behaves, so is Tar an ignorant’s idea of how the world of classical music actually works. The pretentious dialogues are nothing but gibberish nonsense serving to convince the audience of characters’ intellectualism and sophistication. I have read enough books in my life to know claptrap when I see it.

  • CarlD says:

    “Nothing for the music” is an odd comment. The only musical category is film score and its absence from those noms has zero connection to any of the sort of debates we have had about this film on this site. The noms it did get are richly deserved, and Cate is a near lock for best actress.

    • Concertgebouw79 says:

      I have seen once a documentary about Visconti. The Warner at the time put a lot of money in Europe for producing films. At the end of “Death in Venice” a boss of the Warner said “I like the music we should hire the music composer” ahahah….

  • Anonymous Bosch says:

    With respect to the Oscars and music, there are only two awards: Score (Original) and Song (Original). „Tár“ was not nominated for Hildur Guðnadóttir’s original score (were we humming it as we ran up the aisles to get out?), and I don’t recall there being an original song („Lydia’s Love & Hate Theme from Tár“?). This has absolutely noting whatsoever to do with Mahler or Elgar (or Bach, Wagner, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Cole Porter), or the real orchestra players and conductors who performed the music contained in the film.

    • Richard Zencker says:

      I don’t knot about current rules, but in earlier times the inclusion of all the other musical excerpts would have disqualified the other music written for the film from consideration.

  • Larry W says:

    Ishtar was better.

  • madeleine.richardson@telenet.be says:

    Does anyone actually watch the Oscars nowadays? It’s a pretty antediluvian ceremony.

  • Antwerp Smerle says:

    If Tar wins an Oscar for cinematography, my eyes (to paraphrase Charles Ives) must be on wrong. The movie was so drab that I wanted to ask the manager of the cinema if the projector needed a new bulb…

    • Anonymous Bosch says:

      No fear: the odds for Best Cinematography (as of today) highly favour „All Quiet on the Western Front“, with „Elvis“ running second, and „Empire of Light“, „TÁR“, and „Barto“, tied for third.

  • Anonymous Bosch says:

    „Tár“ is, today, not favoured to win a single Oscar. For Best Picture it is running in 5th place: for Best Director, in 3rd place; for Best Actress, in 2nd place (Michelle Yeoh is predicted to win for „Everything Everywhere All at Once“); for Best Original Screenplay, in 3rd place; for Best Cinematography, in 4th place; for Best Film Editing, it is running in 5th place.

    Of its five BAFTA nominations, only Cate Blanchett is in line to win.

    And, of course, all of this may change in the coming weeks.

    • CarlD says:

      There are enough pre-Oscar awards that Yeoh has garnered some attention, true. And yes, it’s early. But I will be shocked if Cate Blanchett doesn’t get the award, and many predictions already agree.

  • Paul Sekhri says:

    It was an absolutely brilliant film. Todd Field has done it again.

  • Guest says:

    Sadly, the Czech film Il Boemo, about Myslivecek, which was put forward for the International Feature award, did not get nominated. I would much rather see that, especially because the music is performed by Collegium 1704 and Vaclav Luks. It deserves at least a little attention from a classical music news site.

  • Patrick says:

    Why this obsession with Tar? British musicians performed on nominated soundtracks for ” Banshees of Inisherin” ” All quiet on the western front” and ” lift me up”. No mention Norman?

  • Orch guy says:

    Usually the orchestra playing for the Oscars launches into the main music for the particular film that wins one of the awards. If Cate wins maybe they’ll do some Mahler 5 as she is making her way to the stage.

  • M2N2K says:

    Reminds me of the year when Amadeus was among nominated films. When the award for the best score was announced, the composer who won it began his acceptance speech by saying: “First of all, I should thank Mozart for not being eligible this year”. That was classy.

  • Anon says:

    Yes. Cate B is credible and a worthy Oscar contender,but is a film. Lots of muso jokes which pros would understand- obviously written with ideas from musicians! But not a documentary at all. Only scratches the surface but we know the reality…