Just in: British Brünnhilde to make London debut, at long, long last

Just in: British Brünnhilde to make London debut, at long, long last


norman lebrecht

November 28, 2022

The Nottingham soprano Catherine Foster has sung Brünnhilde in three successive Ring cycles at Bayreuth.

She is in demand as Elektra, Isolde, Senta and Turandot all over the continent.

But she has never been cast in the capital of her home country.

In July 2019 I wrote in the Spectator: ‘It is a bit odd to find that no British company has offered her a leading role, or presently plans to do so. Six years of ovations at Bayreuth count for nothing in Blighty. Something has gone fairly rotten in our state-subsidised system if a regnant British soprano cannot get a call from Covent Garden…’

Finally, the ice has broken.

Catherine, 47, will sing Turandot next April at Covent Garden.

About bloody time.




  • A.L. says:

    But …. can’t sing in tune and with a vibrato wide enough to drive a tram through. And a voice far, very far, from the proverbial ones for the ages. Flagstad and company can continue resting in peace.

  • VivalaCatherineFoster says:

    Yes!!!!!! About bloody time indeed.!

  • Barry says:

    And had Covent Garden chosen Catherine Foster over Nina Stemme, no doubt it would be xenophobic.

  • Pedro says:

    Foster is far behind Stemme in every count. Is she making her debut in CG because she is good or because she is English?

  • Una says:

    Exactly! About bloody time is right. They only like foreign names regardless of how they sing, and then allegedly try to pay less!