Bolshoi fires bolshy director

Bolshoi fires bolshy director


norman lebrecht

September 04, 2022

The Russian director Alexander Molochnikov has been sacked from next July’s productions of Rachmaninov’s Francesca da Rimini and Zemlinsky’s Florentine Tragedy, apparently due to his dissident views on the war in Ukraine.

Molochnikov, 30, is one of Moscow’s busiest and most versatile directors, working across threatre, opera and film.


  • Patrick says:

    If that is all that happens, he should consider himself lucky. There could always be an ‘accidental’ fall from a high window. Or maybe that only happens to less-than-patriotic oligarchs.

  • IP says:

    What is a Bolshy director? Threatre, I can guess.

  • Galina says:

    Well, Russian musicians have lost jobs in Europe because of their opinions, so only fair, if true. Ugly new world.

    • Hugo Preuß says:

      There is a difference between losing a job because you speak truth to power, i.e. calling an imperialist war a war and not a “special operation”, AND, on the other hand, losing a gig in foreign countries because you are a lackey of the powerful.

  • Mark (London) says:

    Well done Alexander .there are principled Russians willing to speak out within the borders

  • Morris Margolis says:

    A brave artist.