Yusif Eyvazov cuts the last knot

Yusif Eyvazov cuts the last knot


norman lebrecht

August 03, 2022

When Anna Netrebko found the world’s opera houses closing their doors to her over Putin’s Ukraine invasion, she fired her longstanding agent, Judith Neuhoff, at Universal-owned Centre Stage Management, as well as her record label, Deutsche Grammophon.

Her husband, the Azerbaijani tenor Eyvazov, was not subject to the same sanctions and clung on to his music-biz buddies.

Until last night, when he fired Neuhoff and signed up with a start-up Arcadia Artists run by Odesa-born Veronika Arkhangel, a former Metropolitan Opera talent booker (grandly titled Associate Director, Artistic Planning).

Eyvazov announced:

On August 2, 2022, Yusif Eyvazov announced his new general management – Arcadia Artists, represented by Veronika Arkhangel.

Veronika, who spent the last sixteen years at The Metropolitan Opera and before that, worked for several years at Columbia Artists Management LLC (CAMI). She comes with a wealth of experience of working with artists, as well as an extensive knowledge of the performing arts industry.

Stefania Gamba will oversee the engagements in Italy.



  • Fabio luisi says:

    Veronika is a kind person and a serious, committed professional. I wish her and her new activity a lot of success.

    • Opera audiences says:

      We don’t. We just want to be spared this man’s bleating inflicted on us because of his association with Netrebko. Enough is enough.

    • Tom Phillips says:

      If she’s ok with Mr. Netrebko’s fascistic Azerbaijani nationalism and Putin support, she is not TRULY a “kind” or moral person.

  • Herr Doktor says:

    My greatest wish is that Veronika Arkhangel succeeds in getting Yusef Eyvazov placed into the top opera houses that genuinely align with his talent, such as Tirana, Nur-Sultan, and Pyongyang. If this comes at the expense of his performances in New York, Vienna, London, etc., well, that’s a sacrifice I and many others are prepared to make for the sake of art.

  • Tiredofitall says:

    When I read this news about Arcadia Artists and their latest client, this quote came to mind.

    (From Miguel Cervantes, Don Quixote, freely translated)

    “Tell me what company you keep, and I will tell you what you are.”

    Not a good look, at least in the west.

  • Stefano DiTerra says:

    Her husband is a terrible time I’m a dramatic tether and I’m already past 70 and I can sing 15 times better than he can The only reason he gets work is because netrebco says I want my hubby and if they want her they have to take him otherwise he’d be seeing in the shower and maybe not even there

  • MMcGrath says:

    And we care about this because…?

    The media (incl this site)make, unmake, and above all persist at making these people noticeable. …when all I‘d wish for is that they disappear into the abyss and we focus on the music and those who make music wonderful.

  • Melania says:

    It would be best to spare publics from this loud and shouting Tenor! He doesn’t sing, he screams at his best! And anyhow this Mr Netrebko is singing because his wife is obliging her agent to get him sing with her ! He is nobody !!!!

  • JS says:

    Ms Arkhangel is Anna Netrebko’s personal friend. They often travel together. On Anna’s (& Yusif) photos (published by Anna herself on her Instagram) she is tagged as Nika, Nikusha. So now she will be Yusif’s manager. Very convenient for all of them I’d say, a family bussines.

  • Looking on in Horror says:

    Veronika is a lovely person however she was the Head of the Rehearsal Department not a talent booker. She is superbly organized, detailed oriented and focused. She will manage him very well and if anyone can get that bleating preening crow with the tongue jammed down his throat baying and braying as if he were Maria Callas; it will be Veronika… The love couple is over… and I for one look forward to the end of their hideously grotesque tasteless fashion parade. Which is only overshadowed by their tasteless slavic undersized interpretations.