Yuja Wang goes shoeless in Salzburg

Yuja Wang goes shoeless in Salzburg


norman lebrecht

August 05, 2022

She makes her unscheduled debut there tonight after Yevgeny Kissin pulled out.


  • Noodles Are Tasty says:

    She’s wearing sneakers, and it’s a soundcheck. What am I missing here?

  • HSY says:

    Her posture at the piano is *perfect* when she has those unwalkable shoes on. I think they probably help (her) a lot with weight transfer.

  • Yodi says:

    More like Yuja goes “soulless”.

  • Freewheeler says:

    All keyboardists looks better in hot pants. Well, maybe not John DeFrancesco.

  • caranome says:

    Re: this blog’s obsession with Yuja’s looks/wardrobe, it’s becoming like E!, People, or the other celebrity rags reporting breathlessly on what they ate n wore, how much weight they’ve lost, who they are sleeping with, who they are rumored to be sleeping with, who they want to be sleeping with…

  • Tony Sanderson says:

    At the BBC Proms on 12th August playing Liszt’ first piano concerto with the Oslo Philhamonic.


    Another attraction of the concert is Klaus Mäkelä conducting Sibelius’ Tapiola following thepr successful Sibelius cucle on Decca.

  • Maria says:

    Wish her all the best of luck. Lovely playing in the above clip, six-inch heels or not!

  • Fitz says:

    I see the stiletto heels are on stand-by. Wang has been an incredible master of Bartok and Prokofiev, revealing surprising lyrical left-hand passages in their concertos. I think that people who attend her concerts get to brag.

  • Willem Philips says:

    I just don’t see why this even merits reporting. Even if she were to perform before a packed house, it wouldn’t merit reporting. There is nothing astounding or inappropriate about it and it has no negative impact on the performance.

  • Franz1975 says:

    If I paid for Kissin and I get Yuja, I want my money back.

  • Ed says:

    I remember Alice Sara Ott playing without shoes.

  • Rich C. says:

    Yuja ALWAYS wears less, and thats fine with me.

  • Stan says:

    Salzburg will love her.

  • PG Vienna says:

    Her debut in Salzburg was in 2016. It’s a debut recital.

  • Luca says:

    Kissin pulled out? What a missed opportunity.

  • Anne Gary says:

    She is amazing! Wish I could attend

  • Tony Sanderson says:

    Are there any reviews of this Salzburg recital?

  • CJ says:

    She doesn’t seem shoeless to me, she seems to be playing with trainers, if you look well (not that it matters very much, anyway).

  • Aaron Nee says:

    Happy to report that her performance was fabulous! 6 encores. Salzburg loved her and gave her a standing ovation. (She played the same recital the week before at the Verbier Festival. Also a fantastic performance.)

  • Tamino says:

    If Kissin wanted to actually cancel for protesting against Salzburg’s diffuse Russia relations, he should have said so. You either protest publicly, or you don’t.

    • Micaela Bonetti says:

      Kissin cancelled, as in Verbier (with Mikhail Pletnëv’s poignant Chopin jumping in) because of a wounded hand.

  • M McGrath says:

    Of course she did. And “Tea for Two” on the stage of the Grosses Festspielhaus in this self-promotion video… It’s all about HER, her, her, her career, her looks, her shoes, her body, her EGO. Whatever happened to the music being front and center?
    Performers like this belong in that select group with Netrebko, Kaufmann and his tatoos, the Greek now hailing from Siberia, the misfits who directed and dressed the Bayreuth Ring, et al.