Tragic loss as soloist leaves suicide note on Facebook

Tragic loss as soloist leaves suicide note on Facebook


norman lebrecht

August 07, 2022

A well-known Romanian concert artist has been found dead beside Lake Morii after leaving a farewell message on her facebook page.

Simona Săndulescu was one of the country’s leading organists. She appeared with all the major Bucharest orchestras.

She posted this message at 01.29 on Saturday morning.

Dear friends who admire me artistically, I know I’m disappointing you! But life became unbearable for me….. I beg you to forgive me!
My dear Edward Aurelian Bar, you know I loved you beyond measure! Now I enter the Lake of the Moon carrying the burden of unrequited love.

The photograph of her was taken on holiday just one month ago.


  • Barry Guerrero says:

    NL, don’t you think there should be boundaries where your tabloid style of journalism should simply not cross? What is the point – beyond clickbait – of operating a site that sometimes gives the appearance of being little more than a classical music obituary page? I think you could do better work.

  • Edward Meares says:

    Re-posting this awful suicide note on a widely-read site like this (particularly by republishing the name of the so-called “unrequited love”) is totally unconscionable. How many people’s lives have to be eviscerated to satisfy the need for clickbait? Ghastly.

  • Daniel Rodger says:


  • Barbara Rosen says:

    May she rest in peace…finally.
    I did not know her but it is a sad story.

  • Daire FitzGerald says:

    How terribly sad. I hope her family and friends can find some peace after this tragedy. RIP.

  • Carrot Elijah says:

    Little translation mistake: it’s not “Lake of the Moon”, it’s “Mill’s Lake” (Lacul Morii).

  • Noam Zur says:

    Very sad news indeed, I remember working with her very fondly

  • Dan says:

    A tragic story and may she rest in peace. But I also wish there were more organ news, like from the cheerful Anna Lapwood, maybe some Dutch festivals or the enfant terrible CC. Organ artists are pretty much invisible on SD, sorry to say.