Good news: Barenboim is back

Good news: Barenboim is back


norman lebrecht

June 14, 2022

The Staatskapelle music director will return next Sunday to conduct works by Schumann and Tchaikovsky at the ‘Staatsoper for all’ concert on Bebelplatz.

He says: ‘After two years of restrictions, we can finally play for as many Berliners as will fit onto the Bebelplatz! Fortunately, my health allows it again. I wish us all a few carefree summer hours with the music of Schumann and Tchaikovsky.’


  • Gustavo says:

    Carefree hours with Tchaikovsky?


    His works are full of melancholy and muted optimism.

    Furthermore, this event is being sponsored by BMW, one of Germany’s heaviest golden cows, involved in corrupt deals, selling fraudulent emission software, feeding on Russian petrol subsidized by the taxpayer’s own “fuel vouchers”.

    Enough to make me cry.

    • TishaDoll says:

      You cry easily. 50% of gas and oil in Berlin and the former DDR comes from Russia. Life is practical, and oil and gas come from god forsaken political countries, and as Mrs. Merkel pointed out last week, what is/was Russia or Ukraine changes every century for over 500 years…so clarity? Normal People have to affordably drive and affordably heat their homes.

    • John Kelly says:

      I am sure they sell Kleenex where you live……………

    • Carolina says:

      Don’t go! Live and let live.

  • Duncan says:

    The article is about the return to concert life of Barenboim after illness. Forget the politics behind the concert promotion for a minute and focus on the news that a great musician will be making music once again.

  • Jobim75 says:

    I am happy he’s healthy again, but happy he’s back……not really.

  • Gustavo says:

    This event will be overshaddowed by the next COVID wave anyway.

    So back to Tchaikovskyesque depression!

    Happy summer days, folks!

    • Drsteelhead says:

      Consider increasing your antidepressant or sitting in the sun more often?

    • Piano Lover says:

      For more depression try and listen to Schiff BOOK II without toilet breaks!!
      Yet even with breaks….boring to hell!

  • M McGrath says:

    I’m happy he is well again. But I would wish the Staatsoper and Staatskapelle far fewer Barenboim evenings. We have, with respect, heard most if not all of what he has to say. Give the many splendid young conductors more to do. Bring in Rattle and Petrenko and Marek Janowski et al.