Salzburg is sticking with Putin-funded Currentzis band

Salzburg is sticking with Putin-funded Currentzis band


norman lebrecht

May 07, 2022

From an interview in Der Standard with festival boss Markus Hinterhäuser (pictured):

STANDARD: You announced weeks ago that you want to “act and not react” in the Currentzis case. So far you have done neither the one nor the other. Why?

Hinterhäuser: I’m happy to make a clear statement: We’re not working on alternatives. In the last few weeks, nothing has changed in our assessment of the “Currentzis case” you so apostrophized.

STANDARD: Are you sticking with Teodor Currentzis, even though he and his orchestra are financed by Bank VTB?

Hinterhäuser: Currentzis has never even remotely taken sides with Putin. He was one of the most prominent voices for director Kirill Serebrennikov, who was under house arrest. He was one of the main characters in Ilya Khrshanovsky’s “Dau” film, a harsh reckoning with Soviet totalitarianism whose broadcast in Russia was banned . Currentzis has made program changes in his concerts that can and should be seen as clear anti-Putin signals. And he wanted to give a benefit concert for Ukrainian refugees in Vienna.

STANDARD: Serebrennikov and the “Dau” film predate Currentzis’ move from Perm to Saint Petersburg. This started the dependency on VTB. Since then there have been no more political statements from him. Why is he no longer speaking out against Putin?

Hinterhäuser: In the past there was no law in Russia that could mean 15 years in prison just for using the word war. Currentzis’ musicians are not members of a state orchestra. They don’t have that security. At the beginning, Teodor Currentzis’ orchestra in Novosibirsk and Perm was docked to the state opera houses there. This is not the case in Saint Petersburg. Currentzis originally wanted to go to Paris with his orchestra from Perm, he also applied for the Theater an der Wien with the thought that Vienna might be willing to give this orchestra and choir a home. These attempts have failed. We should also consider that before playing executioner here.

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  • dostojewsky says:

    And Markus Hinterhäuser is absolutely right to do so.
    All your HYPOCRITES in the field of music business, you know he is right, but all of you, don’t want to take any kind of risk.
    What are you expecting from someone like Curretzis? Did he something that wrong?
    He is responsible for an orchestra with more than hundred people.
    We should have a look to all our so important Bank Houses(Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank ect). Have you ever checked where the money is coming from?? Betting on food, water, recourses ect is absolutely normal.And we should not forget weapons industry. Is this ok for you?? I don’t think so!
    But who is compensating the missing amount of money for cultural project’s?
    So, let’s talk straight and without any kind of double standard.

    • Corentzis is toast says:

      You are the hypocrite.
      You have no knowledge whatsoever of the cult of personality Correntzis deliberately developed in Perm with his now shitty little festival even corrupting the memory of Ballet Russes, Diaghilev and Russian culture.

      The personality cult was quite obviously built on one model the same vertical conman, kleptocratic structure as Putin himself.
      This model works in Russia but has to be opposed in the west.

      It’s no suprise Salzburg who is now in hoc to Russian money can’t wean itself off its own corruption off Putin’s influence.

      Read about Russia’s malign influence here, and follow the money:-

      Everything is fake about Correntzis.
      It’s just based on nothing more than smart PR, a few decent musicians, a nutcase concertmeister, and the “elite” audience that he targets.

      There are plenty of others.
      Correntzis will not be the first nor the last to make a “music biz” to coin in millions based on pseudo music making.

      • dostojewsky says:

        It shows, you know nothing!
        I’m not talking about this coming from outside.
        Go to bed.Good night.

      • Ed Walters says:

        Have you seen Currentzis and MusicAeterna live? I have and they’re bloody brilliant.

  • IP says:

    A CurrentZis concert at SalZburg followed by a trip to Eagle’s Nest in ObersalZberg — what could be more stylish?

  • M says:

    Hardly surprising. Markus is so up Teo’s you know what there is no way he is letting this go. As for the other post earlier, these Russian kids make Zero money. They travel in the most deplorable conditions. It’s the euro ones who make triple fee. The whole thing is a cult and a racket. And they stay in terrible housing in Salzburg, work like mad, and make about 50 euros a day. Hardly need a bank to fund this.

    • Alan says:

      Can you provide evidence for this?

      I saw them last year for the first time and I can safely say I don’t think I’ve ever seen an orchestra enjoying themselves so much and so committed to the music they were performing.

      They certainly didn’t look like slaves.

      So a link please to the evidence you have for your statements.

    • Ed Walters says:

      With Alan here 100%. They’re an amazing group, and as a conductor myself Currentzis is IMO fantastic.