Bayreuth rolls out a summer (almost) without Russians

Bayreuth rolls out a summer (almost) without Russians


norman lebrecht

February 26, 2022

The festival has announced a new Tristan und Isolde with Stephen Gould and Catherine Foster.

(Ekaterina Gubanova is among the deps).

Valentin Schwarz’s new Ring will be conducted by Pietari Inkinen with, among others, Klaus Florian Vogt, Georg Zeppenfeld, Lise Davidsen, Andreas Schager, Arnold Bezuyen, Iréne Theorin, and Christa Mayer.

Christian Thielemann conducts Lohengrin with Georg Zeppenfeld, Klaus Florian Vogt, Camilla Nylund and Petra Lang.

The Ukrainian Oksana Lyniv revives the Flying Dutchman with Georg Zeppenfeld and Elisabeth Teige.

Axel Kober conducts Tannhauser with Albert Dohmen, Stephen Gould, Lise Davidsen, Ekaterina Gubanova and Tuuli Takala.

No major political upheavals ae forseen.


  • Tom Phillips says:

    If only the same thing were true in New York where we are literally BOMBARDED with them.