A pianist discovers Wainberg’s home

A pianist discovers Wainberg’s home

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norman lebrecht

January 20, 2022

The Polish pianist Piotr Sałajczyk has discovered that the house where Mieczyslaw Wainberg was born – Warszawa, ulica Żelazna 66 – is miraculously still intact.

Piotr releases his recording of Wainberg’ piano sonatas 1-3 on CD today.


  • J Barcelo says:


  • Bill says:

    it says Weinberg in big letters in that picture…

  • Oliver says:

    The correct English spelling is Weinberg. In Polish, Wajnberg. “Wainberg” is incorrect.

  • E says:

    This is good news. Thanks

  • A distant relative who met him once says:

    The name is also spelled as “Vainberg” but why all this discussion about how it’s transliterated into English? The point is, this is a 20th century composer of genius, whose music has been unjustifiably neglected and is finally starting to receive the attention it deserves

  • Paul Terry says:

    Perhaps Mr. Lebrecht might consider hiring a proof-reader, before we end up with “Whineberg”.