Star pianist is stuck at home

Star pianist is stuck at home


norman lebrecht

December 01, 2021

Message from the Rotterdam Philharmonic:

Due to travel restrictions from the US , Yuja Wang will not be soloing in this program featuring Rachmaninov ‘s Second Piano Concerto . She is replaced by Seong-Jin Cho with Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto (on 3 December in Rotterdam) & Daniil Trifonov with Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G (tour).



  • V.Lind says:

    Wow. That will make the disappointed Yujistas forget all about her.

  • Dave says:

    Ugh. What’s wrong with “performing”?

  • L Pontiride says:

    What are the travel restrictions from the USA? Or they perhaps meant to say the restrictions to enter The Netherlands?

  • Piano Lover says:

    So Yuha can’t play but will her substitutes compare to her???Seong-Jin Cho (who ever he is) with Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto & Daniil Trifonov with Ravel PC in G…Two to replace one…that says it already to me!

    Yuha played Rachmaninov n°2 with Michael Tilson in May this year.
    I hold her Prokofiev PC n°2 op 16 as a milestone.

    • Si says:

      It’s not Yuha, it’s Yuha. And Cho and Trifonov are popular artists. How come you haven’t heard of them? Cho won the Chopin Comp and Trifonov won the Tchaikovsky Comp.

    • perturbo says:

      Seong-Jin Cho was first prize winner in the previous Chopin Competition and now has several well-reviewed recordings on DG that you should check out! He’s a fine musician.

    • Ria says:

      Daniil can definitely hold his own to her.

  • Alan Castle says:

    What a loss to all the patrons who were anxiously awaiting her performance. She brings a magic to the stage which cannot be duplicated even by the most technically proficient performers. God bless you Yuja! Alsn

  • debuschubertussy says:

    When the replacements are even better than the original… #justmyopinion

    • Nabee says:

      Cannot agree more with you! Wangis an excellent pianist, but Cho and Trifonov are real artists.

      • debuschubertussy says:

        Well said 🙂

      • Anon says:

        Cho and Trifonov have the correct marketing images for “artists”, perhaps. These labels are fairly meaningless. But have you heard these three in the three concertos involved here? All fine pianists no doubt, but I myself would have been a bit disappointed if I had a ticket.

  • Ya what says:

    Shame for those audience members who only wanted to come to see the miniskirt.

  • Tamino says:

    Which travel restrictions?
    Trifonov, the replacement here, is also a US resident.

  • John Sellers says:

    Yuja Wang is the only Pianist I have ever heard that can enthrall me every time I hear her play.

    She is the purest magic.

  • Nabee says:

    Cho and Trifonov? They are much better artists than Wang! Finally someone thought it out.

    • KH says:

      Cho and Trifonov are not in the same class as Wang. That they are somehow rated about the same by the critical press (in Trifonov’s case, higher) is absurd and their fans should be grateful for it, rather than putting down a more insightful and affecting artist and provoking an inevitable mudslinging fight.

      Each of them have more than a hundred of hours of live recordings by now. If you can’t tell the gulf between them when you listen to, say, Prokofiev’s 1st and 2nd concertos or Mozart’s 9th concerto by both Trifonov and Wang, or Chopin’s 2nd and 3rd sonatas by both Cho and Wang, or really anything they all play, then let’s just say we have very different understanding of fine pianism, and let us all pay attention to what we enjoy and stop at that.

  • Adista says:

    All this arguing and yet I can’t think of a living pianist that’s even in the same ballpark as say, Gilels

  • Piano Lover says:

    She will play in Calgary in january…I am happy for her.
    Moussorgsky Pictures…no less!