Open-minded Christian Thielemann will conduct the next Ring at La Scala

Open-minded Christian Thielemann will conduct the next Ring at La Scala


norman lebrecht

December 20, 2021

Christian Thielemann, 62, has received three Covid injections and is up for a fourth, if required. But he keeps an open mind: ‘Those who don’t get vaccinated have their reasons. I don’t want to judge them, even if I can’t see why myself.’

In a brisk interview with Kurier, he adds that his diary is fuller than ever since the Saxons refused him renewal in Dresden. Among other projects is a Wagner Ring cycle he will conduct at La Scala from 2024.



  • Concertgebouw79 says:

    Good thing. Good choice. Chailly is not a Wagerian (even if he did an album of ouverture in the 90’s with the RCO). It’s good that they call Thielemann.

    • Richard says:

      Chailly’s conducting of the Liebestod for Anna Netrebko is marvelous.

      • Barry Guerrero says:

        Yes, but that’s hardly the entire “Tristan & Isolde”. It’s a huge question of pacing.

      • Kenny says:

        Well… If you can’t conduct that, you should be doing a different job. Even Ormandy could pull that off. Doesn’t mean he’s a Wagner conductor. One thing in the moment after 3-1/2 hours, and quite another as an excerpt in a recording studio.

  • gimel says:

    1) “open-minded”?? The unvaccinated is responsible for the emergence of variants, for taxing the public health system, and yes, for transmitting the virus to fully vaccinated but still elderly grandma and killing her.

    The unvaccinated deserves nothing, least of all an “open mind”.

    2) Theilemann needs to be heard outside of Germany. It’s a good thing his diary is filled up elsewhere. Hopefully, a trip to America is scheduled.

  • Wiener Schnitzel says:

    We all love and worship Christian Thielemann.

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      Insofar as it’s possible for a national dish to worship anybody!! 🙂

      3, 4 Covid vaccinations? Is anybody getting the same message as me – that these completely lack efficacy and have to be taken more and more often?? (When I think how Dr. Bret Weinstein was savaged for suggesting the same thing well over a year ago…!!!)

    • tiredofitall says:

      “We all love and worship (fill in the blank).” In the end, it doesn’t matter a whit.

    • John Borstlap says:

      I love wiener schnitzels! But to me they never talk.


  • Gustavo says:

    It’s those over-confident celebrities who have secured their third jabs (just in time for Christmas) AND those selfish anti-vaxers who are currently dividing societies, whilst nourishing the spread new variants at both ends of the bimodal distribution.

  • Tiredofitall says:

    So he wants to have it both ways? He gets the vaccine but excuses those who won’t? Terrible position for a public figure to take.

    Simply saying “I can’t see why” doesn’t move the needle (sorry…) for public safety. That isn’t keeping an open mind; it is a lack of conviction. Man up.

    • Anthony Sayer says:

      Not at all, it’s respecting freedom of choice. Funny how people love to forget that when they’re feeling righteous.

  • Anthony Sayer says:

    Nice to see the intolerant, pro-vax nazis out in force.

  • Gustavo says:

    Those masked pro-vax Wagnerians couldn’t care less about Stefan Mickisch.

    They are too bothered about themselves and the system they belong to.

    They never forget, never forgive, never love; they just take and consume, securing their own well-being.

  • Achim Mentzel says:

    Finally the Italians will learn to play Wagner. Finally.

  • fiddleman says:

    Great to see that T is so open minded. Just as he was so caring for the general health and welfare of his musicians in Dresden when he insisted on performing Heldenleben with full forces right during the height of the COVID crisis last year

  • Rob says:

    I’m happily unvaccinated and never felt better! I’d also avoid his Wagner just to be on the safe side.

  • Corno di Caccia says:

    Thielemann is a good choice, I expect. I’ve admired his Bruckner recordings. As for those contributors who think that urging folk to get vaxxed are fascists, what utter rot. Those who are deliberately avoiding the vaccinations – and I’m not talking about those who cannot have the vaccines for medical reasons – are just plain stupid. Enough of your lily-livered nonsense and grow up.