Just in: Domingo falls sick at the Bolshoi

Just in: Domingo falls sick at the Bolshoi


norman lebrecht

November 25, 2021

We hear that Placido Domingo withdrew at the last minute from singing Germont in Moscow’s La traviata. The audience were told he is ‘indisposed’.

His replacement is the Polish baritone Stanislav Kuflyuk.

Domingo failed to complete his last Nabucco in Vienna this month.



  • BRUCEB says:

    Whatever. Even if he never sings in public again*, he can still sell tickets for awhile.

    *(I’m sure he’ll be back though)

  • Liam Allan-Dalgleish says:

    I don’t wonder the man is sick. He has been hounded, pounded, and scoundreled near unto death by this out of control sexual abuse vendetta mentality that has grown up on this planet in recent days. Things that would have been thought mere harmless flirtation have become grounds for lynching by proxy.

    • Yes Addison says:

      Whatever you feel about the case against Domingo for sexual misconduct and abuse of power, he’s hardly been persecuted to the point of destruction. Some theaters cut ties with him, but he’s still been singing and conducting in Italy, Germany, Austria, Russia, France. He’s still been seeing to the Operalia competition. He still has many famous colleagues (including more than a few sopranos and mezzos) fawning over him. Many people in the business wish they had the schedule (and the compensation) he has even post scandal.

      He’s an eightysomething man who may be having health problems. I can wish him well and leave it at that.

      • George Zimmer says:

        He is exactly 80 since January 21, 2021. And his punishment owing to “me too” is a travesty. May he live and perform for many years. Hail to Maestro.

    • Edward Teach says:

      Flirting? The women that he touched inappropriately and the women that he used his power in the business to trade favors for jobs might disagree. He should have retired a decade ago but his rabid ego hasn’t allowed it. Flirting. Give me a break.

    • Antonia says:


      Women have had to scurry offstage as rapidly as possible in an effort to try to evade him as he relentlessly waited for them in the wings and pursued them! This scoundrel has produced indescribable amounts of anxiety, fear for their careers if they rebuff him, loss of personal autonomy. He is NOT “harmless”. And it’s only a “flirtation” if his interest is returned, not if it’s persistent and forced upon someone without their consent.

      • EU person says:

        Any real proof of harassment, please? A police investigation or court decision? Nothing? Just non proof statement of 3 retired opera singers?
        Why should we belive these women who are not ready to confirm their words at police or court?

        Please dont tell me about AGMA. Their investigations are not legal as they are not a police.

  • Cantantelirico says:

    It really doesn’t have to end like this.

  • caranome says:

    It’s time to go…on your own footing. No point having to be carried out. You’ve done enough. Enjoy the remains of your days.

  • Achim Mentzel says:

    The man can now neither sing, nor conduct (which he never could), nor comment in a qualified manner on any subject, let alone music. It is simply embarrassing. If it weren’t so abysmally sad, one would buy a bag of popcorn, watch and place bets on how low he can still sink.

    • TishaDoll says:

      Some do. They are waiting to see if he will die on stage a la Leonard Warren. He may want to. It sells tickets.

      • Katerina says:

        That’s a comment beyond criticism. It should be deleted.

      • Tom Phillips says:

        Everyone who witnesses this can then say “they were there when…” and possibly get paid for selling their story. How can anyone who actually has any artistic standards at all think that his current shenanigans are beneficial either to himself or the art form?

      • Cantantelirico says:

        Warren was only 48 years old when he died. The world was deprived of at least 20 years of great singing from him.

        • Tom Phillips says:

          Very true and he was a much greater performer and artist than Domingo and not overhyped. Never cheapened or degraded the art form. Particularly vastly superior in the Verdi baritone repertoire.

      • TishaDoll says:

        I think Domingo is King Lear. Verdi never composed it, but Domingo is incorporating V’s baritone arias from his various operas into his personal life as a brilliantly mad ancient baritenor with Netrebko as one of his daughters

  • Madeleine Richardson says:

    How many times has Jonas Kaufmann called in sick?

  • Andries Gerhardus Henning van der Walt says:

    Reminds one of Richard Tauber’s last performance. Brought from his hospital bed.

  • EU person says:

    Why is it ok for you if Kaufmann cancels 50% of his performances? He cancels more and more often every year. And he is just 50. Should he retire immediatly?

    • Tom Phillips says:

      He is (unlike today’s Domingo) not at all an embarrasment when he does appear and fully suited to each of his roles. Often glorious in fact.