Denmark regrets mass violations in Girls Choir

Denmark regrets mass violations in Girls Choir


norman lebrecht

November 10, 2021

An independent investigation into allegations of sexual abuse in Denmark Radio’ Girls Coir has confirmed that six perpetrators were responsible for assaults against 64 singers over a period of two decades.

The alleged perps have not been named.

DR has apologised for its failure of care towards the singers.

Here’s a summary.



  • Henry williams says:

    When is all this going to stop. It never ends. So much for management

    • The Shadow says:

      Thanks to the Danish Radio “leadership” the predators all go scottfree, one apology from DR and the former chief conductor Michael Bojesen can continue as head of the Malmo Opera. Kim Bohr of cause still head of all ensembles and the Concert Hall. So much for Danish politics.

  • Nosema says:

    And whom are the other four unnamed perpetrators? Is it just a coincidence that Danish Radio does not mention their names?

  • Joel Kemelhor says:

    This choir performs every New Year’s Eve on Danish radio and television, singing the royal anthem “King Christian Stood By The Lofty Mast.”

    That song was used by Tchaikovsky for his festive overture celebrating the marriage of the future Tsar Alexander III with the Danish princess Dagmar, who was known in Russia as Maria Feodorovna. She was the mother of Nicholas II.