Renee Fleming lands another job

Renee Fleming lands another job


norman lebrecht

October 08, 2021

The American soprano, 62, has just been named Advisor for Special Projects to Los Angeles Opera until 2024.

She is also co-artistic director of Aspen Opera Theater, of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and of Song Studio at Carnegie Hall. As well as Special Projects Advisor to Chicago’s Lyric Opera.

She’s got the whole world in her hands.


  • Paul Sekhri says:

    Because she’s got it all.

  • Alexander says:

    … from the other hand she has done much for music so she deserves it
    just my opinion of course 😉

  • Frank says:

    She’s hardly got the whole world in her hands when all the appointments are in the US and Canada. Other countries and continents do exist.

  • Günther Kraus says:

    And at age 62 her voice sounds younger and fresher than most of her colleagues half her age.

    She clearly knows what she’s doing. Why would anybody have a problem with her sharing the wisdom she has acquired over her lifetime with the next generation of singers?

  • TishaDoll says:

    To her credit, and she is a truly lovely person, young people and business people respond to her in an enthusiastic way. And in this schizophrenic artistic climate where ‘classical’ music can mean anything. This Aquarian girl can relate, and move the genre forward. That I don’t much care for Bjork as classical music, or her leather and chains CD is irrelevant. And we are both the same age.

  • Sir David Geffen-Hall says:

    She’s a great representative for these efforts. She has done a great job in Chicago.

  • MacroV says:

    So she’s now working with two of the biggest opera companies in the U.S., plus the Kennedy Center? Doesn’t it speak to a little dearth of imagination in the U.S. opera world that they can’t find more people to fill these rolls? Kinda like when Placido was running both LA and Washington Opera.

  • James Weiss says:

    All of those jobs and she doesn’t do a single one of them all that well.

    • Tiredofitall says:

      There’s a big difference between spreading fairy dust and doing the hard work. She missed the mark if she is trying to emulate Beverly Sills.

    • Dr Rosemarie Yevich says:

      Your comments don’t seem to agree with other posted comments

      • Tiredofitall says:

        The result of being up front and personal…

      • TishaDoll says:

        He is correct. The hard work is running a successful and profitable company like Sills who was also a rainmaker. Sills was a brilliant woman, now derided as a b…..and the know it all’s’ ran that company, NYCO into the ground with esoteric non crowd pleasing programming, Mathis der Mahler and Marilyn. Fleming is a ‘rainmaker’ and that is enough of a job. Sills was a phenomenon

    • Paul Sekhri says:

      You must be joking. Or deaf.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    Wonderful singer and huge ambassador for music. Renee is a champion.

  • Michel Lemieux says:

    As someone who has been to LA Opera Donor dinners, I can understand why LA Opera hired Renee. Her main job will be to schmooze with big donors a few times a year.

  • Sir Spamalot says:

    LA Opera likes to pay people a lot of money for jobs that they don’t have time to do.