Kennedy escapes strike

Kennedy escapes strike


norman lebrecht

October 10, 2021

The Kennedy Center has reached agreement with IATSE stage crew, allowing its season to proceed after a last-minute threat.

The three-year contract includes ‘modest’ wage and benefit increases.


  • CA says:

    Good news (for the working folk).

  • drummerman says:

    Don’t know about Washington but IATSE Local #1 is Manhattan and the stagehands there do very well. In FY 2019-2020, three Carnegie Hall stagehands are listed with the following salaries: $511,350; $453,272; $384,120.

    Lincoln Center shows three stagehands with these salaries: $324,645; $319,476; $301,151.

    IATSE Local #4 is Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Academy of Music lists three stagehands with the following salaries: $198,831; $196,954; $194,467.

    Not bad for a job which doesn’t even require a high school diploma.

    • henry williams says:

      why go to university. when one
      can earn this money as a stagehand

    • Kelly says:

      Your ignorance is appalling. Stagehands are required to master skills in carpentry, electric, audio, video, rigging, props and more. Stagehands work day and night, sometimes seven days a week. When your precious feet roll out of bed in the morning, stagehands are already at work. When you are at home eating dinner with your family, stagehands are at work. When you sit the cozy couch reading and watching TV at night, stagehands are at work. When you slip into your jammies and tuck yourself in at 11pm, those same stagehands are still at work. So, before you showcased your ignorance, if you had at least a minimal understanding of the industry you probably would have kept your pie hole shut. Also, stagehands have to show proof of HS diploma before being accepted into the apprenticeship program. I distinctly remember doing so.

      • drummerman says:

        If Kelly is referring to my “ignorance,” let me assure him/her that I am quite familiar with what stagehands do, having worked with Local #1 people for a number of years as an orchestra manager and before that as a musician, both in New York and Boston. I was not suggesting that they don’t do good work, just that many of them get huge salaries. I know that the membership of Local #1 is kept small; therefore, lots of opportunities for over time. (“Seven days a week.”)

        BTW, I don’t sleep in jammies. I sleep in the nude and my couch is rather worn out, not so cozy.

        I wish I could understand why some people on this site are so hostile and rude, why they make assumptions without having facts.

        • Kelly says:

          In regard to “making assumptions without having facts”, look to where the thumb is pointing, not the finger Mr. drummerman
          “Not bad for a job which doesn’t even require a HS diploma” Total flapdaddle BS!

      • henry williams says:

        when you were doing a 9to5 job. i was doing shift work.
        all night. weekends.. 12 hour hours.
        and christmas day

  • Karl says:

    If inflation keeps up they will need more than a modest wage increase.