Broken opera house roof is kept as symbol of climate change

Broken opera house roof is kept as symbol of climate change


norman lebrecht

August 02, 2021

Remnants of the broken copper roof of Stuttgart Opera, demolished in this summer’s storms, are to be maintained as a public reminder of climate change.

The proposal comes from Baden-Württemberg’s finance minister Danyal Bayaz, who represents the Green Party.


  • Edgar says:

    Sensible suggestion. Who knows, in a not too distant future there will be a “Holländer” performed onstage, and suddenly the roof gets ripped off entirely, soaking stage and pit and audience while the Dutchman enters with “Die Frist ist um…”

  • Opera goer says:

    These entitled climate rioters never have enough of their own money to bathe. Yet they mindlessly pollute the skys flying about or infrastructure using petrol to protest in the form of setting fires, noise pollution and garish signage that ends up dumped in landfills to burden the earth.

    If only these people were more self-aware.

  • global incompetence says:

    “Climate change” trotted out every single time for similar events which have been happening regularly on the record for 600 years.

    INCOMPETENCE is why the floods which overwhelmed the AHR in Germany in July killed 100+ people.

    They were warned a week in advance of a flood similar or less serious than 1910, 1804, nobody did anything.

    AGW is a cult, with propaganda on the BBC and other mass media to cover up horrible people like Teflon Tony for Iraq / WMD, Jimmy Savile, and now I read this rubbish trotted out here constantly.

  • Una says:

    Climate Change an excuse for lack of repairs.