I.1 billion search for cows and cellos

I.1 billion search for cows and cellos


norman lebrecht

July 06, 2021

The enterprising Danish cellist Jacob Shaw, instigator of a viral story that made the front page of the New York Times, reports that his keywords #Scandinavian cello school have reached 1.1 billion people worldwide.

Jacob says: ‘The combination of fantastic animal welfare and the back story behind the worlds first ever permanent cello centre and retreat grabbed the world’s attention.’


  • Peter N says:

    Referring to their social media post about the company Hypefactors he says it’s 1.1 billion that read the story, not searched for it. As someone who worked in PR, that’s a huge reach for any story, let alone one for classical music.

    “across all media the reach has been over 1 billion people”


  • Jacob Shaw says:

    Many thanks for sharing Norman. It’s been a wonderful project to undertake during the corona time and we are just so happy that even if this is a “viral” story – classical music has reached this many around the globe and that is never a bad thing.

    Just think if just a small percentage of the 1.1 billion who saw the story decide to go and check out their local classical concerts.

    More info on how this groundbreaking AI data research technology from Hypefactors works is on their website.


  • Larry W says:

    Quite mooving.

  • Enterprising young man indeed – with huge grants being paid out every year in Denmark, a quick scroll on their website shows clearly it is not an place that is supported at all by national grants or bigger private foundations.

    And if I’m not mistaken after perusing their socials – this institution is the reason the latest concertmaster in Copenhagen came to make the audition. They are clearly making an impact locally as well.

    With such negative press on the Slipped Disc blog about Danish music life in the last months and scandals galore, isn’t it about time the powers that be put our tax money where it is deserved and support passionate (+ obviously highly inspiring for the young musicians) venturing like this?

    Then I (and the others) can stop moo-aning about nepotism and favouritism on this blog 😉

    • Jacob Shaw says:

      Many thanks for your words, Interested Observer.

      Indeed, the new concertmaster Roberta Verna is supported by Scandinavian Cello School and part of her audition preparation for Cph Phil was with us in Stevns, Denmark. She is an utterly wonderful talent.

      Regarding funding, you are correct. It is a daily struggle to keep afloat – the project has been almost only self funded by my girlfriend and myself, with a only a few smaller grants for specific projects from the local kommune and foundations.

      We have of course applied for funding from larger sources in the last years, but as of yet have not been fortunate to be chosen for support. We will continue to apply…. Let’s cross fingers that change is around the corner and we can continue our mission!

      We are amazed by the passion and energy of the wonderful young people we support and this is exactly is why we continue.

      Best regards,
      Jacob Shaw