Tragedy: Famed conductor dies in car crash

Tragedy: Famed conductor dies in car crash


norman lebrecht

June 18, 2021

Italian media are reporting the death in a road accident of Maestro Giacomo Zani in his home town, Casalmaggiore, near Cremona. Apparently, Zani lost control of his Subaru and crashed into a lamppost.

Zani, who was 89, had been chief conductor at the Teatro Massimo,  Palermo and at the Teatro del Giglio,  Lucca. He conducted internationally around Europe, the UK and South Korea.

From 1977 to 2011 he was director of the music publisher Sonzogno. His Italian opera editions are used by most leading maestros.



  • Gioacchino says:

    He can be heard and partly seen at the above link resuscitating Aureliano in Palmira in Genova in 1980. (The overture did not need resuscitating, but this is its original context.)

  • Henry williams says:

    That age it is dangerous to drive. So a friend who used
    To be a driving examiner once tole me.

  • crazy_people says:

    Silly question?
    what is he doing driving a Subaru at 89?
    Emulating Karajan?