Martha Argerich: The closest of close-ups

Martha Argerich: The closest of close-ups


norman lebrecht

June 04, 2021

The inimitable pianist turns 80 tomorrow, June 5.

This intimate film by her daughter, Stéphanie, begins with Martha attending the birth of a new grandson.

Nothing, no-one comes closer.




  • GUEST says:

    Very subtle, nuanced clip.

  • Edgar Self says:

    Feliz navidad, Marta! You are a miracle.

  • Con says:

    If only we could have her for another 80 years!

  • Mario Roqué (amigo de Eduardo Delgado) says:

    Feliz cumple Martha. Espero tenga un día maravilloso

  • María del Socorro Ricaldoni says:

    Me encanta verla…
    Rasgos familiares; ambas descendemos del primer Argerich en Argentina.
    Lamento no haberla conocido personalmente.
    ¡Felicidades, Martha!

  • Harold Burger says:

    Happy Birthday to Martha Argerich, a great artist. Your music is magnificent and has given me thrills over the years, both in person concerts and recordings. Be well.

  • Laubi Walters says:

    Happy birthday Martha. You are bringing joy to the world. The wonder of your personality and music making is not describable and incandescent. It will last forever. You deserve hope, love and happiness. Laubi and Christi Walters

  • microview says:

    Classic FM player her Rach.3 with Chailly as a tribute on Saturday: an utter travesty of the music which pianophiles seem to adore. Announcer said it was with Berlin Philharmonic but that’s about what you would expect from ‘personality’ presenters.

  • Hilary says:

    Hopefully her new recording of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony will ignite an interest in playing 4 hand versions of the symphonic repertoire. Handy in these covid times!