Maestro move: Italy’s oldest opera appoints Israeli MD

Maestro move: Italy’s oldest opera appoints Israeli MD


norman lebrecht

June 28, 2021

New has just broken in Israel that the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples (est. 1737) has appointed Dan Ettinger as its next music director.

Ettinger, 50, will continue in his parallel roles as chief conductor of the Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion, the Israel Opera and the Stuttgart Philharmonic.

He relaces the Slovak Juraj Valcuha. Zubin Mehta has a role in Naples as honorary conductor.


  • Tristan says:

    what a boring choice

    • RW2013 says:

      and when will he find time to go to the hairdresser?

    • James says:

      No, he’s a wonderful opera conductor and a very fine Music Director. Good choice by them!

      • Peter San Diego says:

        As long as he’s not stretched too thin by maintaining four positions…

        • James says:

          Well, in this case, the Israel Symphony Orchestra and the Israel Opera are very closely related – the ISO is the house orchestra of the Opera, and their base concert hall is less than an hour down the road – so it’s probably less of a stretch than it might seem.

  • Michel Lemieux says:

    He is a Barenboim protégé, having been Daniel Barenboim’s assistant and Kapellmeister at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin. A pianist as well as an opera singer, his background makes him uniquely qualified.

  • ricci says:

    Good choice, at least he knows what singing (contrary to YNS) and opera is about….

  • Ran says:

    Fantastic choice for the House and Great news for the Talented Mr. Music !