Orchestra violinist bows into new dog business

Orchestra violinist bows into new dog business


norman lebrecht

May 07, 2021

Charlotte Moseley of the English Symphony Orchestra has been out of work for most of the past year.

Instead of wringing her hands, she has been knitting dachsund jackets and other canine accessories.

Business, says Charlotte is barking booming.

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  • Robert King says:

    Hats off to Charlotte. One of my colleagues – one of the most distinguished players of her instrument in the business, with a PhD to boot – being one of the nearly 40% of musicians who didn’t qualify for any state subsidy despite their work and income totally evaporating, after spending a miserable few months offering to wash cars standing on people’s drives, got a license to transport pedigree cats across the UK. Her first job was to transport an animal from the south of England to the outer Hebrides. After an eight-minute handover there she caught the same ferry back, now minus her erstwhile feline companion. Musicians are certainly adaptable.