Slippedisc comfort zone (3): Over it

Slippedisc comfort zone (3): Over it


norman lebrecht

April 16, 2021

Yo Yo’s over the rainbow.


  • Ben G. says:

    This song has a meaningful relationship with the State of Israel. Harold Arlen (Hyman Arluck) and Yip Harburg (Isidore Hochberg), wrote this with something else in mind.

    Read on here:

  • Greg Bottini says:

    It’s a sweet song, and Yo-Yo plays it like he thinks so too!
    PS: I’ve always loved Kathryn Stott’s pianism.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    The venue must be Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport Massachusetts. Does anyone have an opinion about its acoustics?