Salzburg sets tough entry rules

Salzburg sets tough entry rules


norman lebrecht

April 29, 2021

The Whitsun Festival is going ahead, with whatever audience is allowed into the ountry.

These are the current rules:


– As last year, all tickets will be personalized in order to enable the authorities to implement rapid and effective contact tracing in cases of infection. The visitor’s name and first name will be printed on the ticket. Should the Covid-19 pandemic make it necessary, the visitor’s phone number and email address (if available) must be submitted to the authorities. Only the person specified on the ticket can attend the event. Picture IDs will be required when entering the performance venues.

– Any ticket personalization can be altered free of charge online.

– For all Whitsun Festival events, seating will be assigned in a chequerboard pattern, up to a maximum capacity of 50 percent.


– According to the regulations passed by the Ministry of Health, a valid negative Covid-19 test must be shown to gain entry to the Salzburg Festival’s performance venues. Antigen test certificates may not be older than 48 hours; PCR test certificates may not be older than 72 hours.

– If guests are vaccinated and the first vaccination took place more than 21 days before the event, test certificates are not required. Instead of a test certificate, they must submit their vaccination card or certificate.


– FFP2 facemasks must be worn inside all the Salzburg Festival’s performance venues. This also applies when seated during the performance.

– The legal minimum distance of 2 metres must be kept, wherever possible, between groups of visitors inside the premises.

– Guests are required to practice hand hygiene regularly.

– Should guests experience symptoms of illness, they are requested to refrain from attending the performance, as a courtesy to their fellow visitors.


– All events of the Whitsun Festival will take place without intervals.

– There will be no gastronomy or catering inside the venues of the Salzburg Festival during the Whitsun events.


As of 19 May, the current restrictions on entries from abroad, including quarantine rules, will terminate. Persons who are tested, vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 will be able to travel to Austria without quarantine (the exception being travellers entering from high-risk countries with a 7-day average infection rate of over 250 per 100,000).


  • Alviano says:

    My worry in this is that I was vaccinated in the US and therefore only have the white, very simple CDC card. I would not be surprised if it were not accepted.
    Our, the US, government has already announced that it will not issue a vaccination passport. Probably to avoid Republican howls, but also to keep us in the US.

    • Petros Linardos says:

      Money talks. Europeans will be motivated to accept American proof of vaccination.

      By the way, what CDC CARD are you talking about? I was given a stamped and signed piece of paper that otherwise looked unremarkable.

      • Maria says:

        I don’t think so, Petros! Europe is a continent of 25+ countries, which includes the UK.
        We left the EU not Europe! It is virus ridden with a poor vaccination programme so far and particularly Austria with only 8m people. I have family there so get first hand info, not newspaper or blog talk! I’ve had my two vaccinations but no way am I going there from England or any other part of the EU until they are vaccinated like the UK and Israel. Money does not talk!

        • Petros Linardos says:

          I meant it the other way round: that European countries will want to accept American visitors’ vaccination certificates.
          On your point I am with you: no long distance travel till herd immunity.

      • Alviano says:

        I have a paper card about 3 by 3 inches. I wrote my own name on it. The two does of vaccine are each identified by a sticker giving the name of the vaccine and the time and place of its administration. No signature, no seal.

  • henry williams says:

    better to stay at home with your audio

  • Rick Mustard says:

    I will inject whatever you tell me to. I am begging for the right to socially distance with a mask while listening to the world’s greatest orchestras. If we did concerts with none of these measures, that would be truly dystopian!