Rome replaces Pappano

Rome replaces Pappano


norman lebrecht

April 05, 2021

The Holy City has been buzzing over Easter with major maestro moves.

Acoording to the local dolce vita, Antonio Pappano’s succeessor at Santa Cecilia will be Daniele Gatti, whose contract with Rome Opera ends this year.

Gatti, it is said, will be replaced at the Opera by Michele Mariotti, son of the Rossini Festival founder, who is presently between jobs.


Gatti, who turns 60 this year, was chief conductor at Santa Cecilia half a lifetime ago, from 1992 to 1997.


  • Joseph says:

    Mariotti = Pappano + Gatti + the leftovers

    Good move by the opera company, if it happens. But I wish he would take an orchestra job.

    • Richard Master says:

      Muti = (Stonecipher + Easterbrook + Bezos + Edwards – Abbado – Solti + Pulcinella)

      • Chicagorat says:

        Though you don’t need the parentheses, unless you divide everything by Kleiber, to be left with an infinitesimally small quantity of something quite mucky.

      • pastore says:


      • CSOA Insider says:

        Yep. And JA, HZ pretend they don’t know.

        • steve says:

          don’t know what?? seriously, if there’s something you wanna say, just say it…

          • Chicagorat says:

            Interesting. I had heard that lester was a bit slow on the uptake. Or wait, was it the downbeat, I can’t remember 🙂

      • CSOA Insider says:

        And Osborn, a big RM supporter – does he consider “this” compatible with NT values?

        • steve says:

          you lot are some fragile, little snowflakes with some weird animus towards RM…did your feelings get hurt LOL

          • Midwestern Violin says:

            Since we fired you as our representative, we are living the dream. And … ME2 will get to the bass section, and to the podium. Just watch 🙂

          • steve says:

            ??? lmao i’m not the steve y’all are talking about but whatev floats your boat

  • Chris says:

    Pretty sure it’s the Eternal City

  • MeeToo says:

    I guess Santa Cecilia will never be able to tour the US while Gatti is leading…

    the righteous will cancel him no matter where he goes

    • Unlucky American missing out on Gatti says:

      Oh no. After Covid, another tragedy for the American people. How will we cope?

    • Emil says:

      You’d thought the “oh no he’s been canceled” jokes would stop when someone lands one of the top opera houses in Italy, a prominent job with one of the top chamber orchestras in Europe, a plush teaching job and arguably the top orchestra in Italy *after* having been “cancelled”.

      So much for ‘anyone could see their career broken by allegations.’

  • BigSir says:

    Gatti is a good conductor. Now what was it he got cancelled for? Does it even matter?