Met’s Rigoletto dies of Covid

Met’s Rigoletto dies of Covid


norman lebrecht

April 28, 2021

The Greek-American baritone Theodore Lambrinos has died of Covid-19 after being admitted to hospital for an unrelated condition.

He was 85.

The son of a Brooklyn boxer, he was spotted in church by Anton Coppola and won a place in the Metropolitan Opera Auditions, followed by a company contract. After losing his voice to a swimmingpool accident, he fought his way back and was awarded a second contract at age 57.

He sang more than 80 roles and was defined by Rigoletto.


  • Larry says:

    I worked with Teddy several times back in the ’90s in New York City. A wonderful, sweet guy. RIP.

  • RW2013 says:

    No organ in the Te Deum!

  • Anonymous Bosch says:

    Here we go again: Labrinos sang three performances of “Rigoletto” with the Met … all in outdoor venues in parks on Staten Island and in New Jersey.

    How does this qualify as the “Met’s Rigoletto”? What would Cornell MacNeil have to say about that?

    • Jack_Ewing says:

      Let him have that honor at least in his obituary? Nobody’s comparing him to MacNeil or anyone else. And I don’t think MacNeil would appreciate the pettiness.

  • Emily Skala says:

    I’m going to venture to say, if he was admitted to the hospital for an unrelated condition it’s likely he died of this unrelated condition, but that due to CDC guidelines, Covid-19 goes on line 1 and the other condition was entered on line 2 as causes of death.

    • Saxon says:

      Or maybe he caught Covid in hospital and would have othrwise recovered.

      [Dangerous places, hospitals, it is very easy to catch something there, not just Covid].