Cleveland opened the mail and found $1 million

Cleveland opened the mail and found $1 million


norman lebrecht

April 06, 2021

Cleveland Orchestra supporter Jane Nord has just mailed in $1 million.

‘I want people everywhere to experience the same joy music has brought me. I first encountered classical music when I attended a Cleveland Orchestra Education Concert decades ago,’ she said. ‘Since then, the Orchestra has become a deeply important part of my life. I hope this matching campaign motivates people to give to the Orchestra so the music will play on through the pandemic and beyond.’

In 2019 Jane Nord made a transformational gift that expanded free tickets to Cleveland Orchestra Education Concerts to all schools throughout Cleveland and its surrounding communities – so every child in our region can attend Education Concerts for free.



  • henry williams says:

    very nice lady. some wealthy people are
    so mean they will not even pay for a taxi.

  • Sir David Geffen-Hall says:

    Nice. We need more patrons of the performing arts. And we need to see evidence that our educational efforts actually hit the bottom line.

  • BigSir says:

    These are the kind of rich people that shouldn’t have their taxes increased. The uncultured dot coms are another case.

    • Amos says:

      As someone whose love of classical music is due to the musicians of the Cleveland Orchestra I applaud every donation made to keep the organization and it’s activities vibrant, especially those which are meant to engage the next generation of participants. That said how does Ms. Nord’s generous gift justify failing to have the wealthiest Americans not pay their fair share in taxes? First, depending on how the gift was given some or all of it may be tax deductible. More to the point why should the wealthiest be allowed to dictate where the majority of there taxes are spent. If American citizens want to influence tax policy they should do so through their representatives who are already disproportionally influenced by the wealthiest among us.

  • Jack says:

    Yet more proof that the Cleveland Orchestra has more love from its community than just about any other orchestra.

    The photo SD used is a bit out of date. It shows William Preucil in his familiar role as concertmaster before his firing three years ago.

  • Amos says:

    Given her age she most likely attended a children’s concert conducted by then associate conductor of the CO Louis Lane. Unfortunately, his contributions to these concerts are largely forgotten.

  • Heather says:

    Kudos to Mrs. Nord and the Cleveland Symphony!
    On another note…
    please no more talk about taxes folks. What a way to show people you can’t stay on topic and always have an ulterior motive. Just think about it. Not everything has to be brought round to politics.
    That said…
    It’s nice to hear some good news for a change.

    • Saxon says:

      Why shouldn’t tax policy be mentioned when this donation has likely reduced the amount of tax she paid.

      This is great for the Cleveland Orchestra, but likely means Cleveland has less money to spend on its school’s system, or the poor, for instance. Heck, if plutocrats didn’t get to divert tax money to their favourite plutocratic projects, then maybe the US would be able to publically support the arts.

    • her royal snarkiness says:

      Ahem, the Cleveland Orchestra, or TCO for short.