Breaking: Philharmonic rolls out weekend fests across New York

Breaking: Philharmonic rolls out weekend fests across New York


norman lebrecht

April 30, 2021

press release:

The New York Philharmonic announces NY Phil Bandwagon 2, a series of four weekend-long festivals across New York City, May 7–30, 2021. Performances will take place from a mobile, 20-foot shipping container at Domino Park in Brooklyn, Marcus Garvey Park in Manhattan,
Father Gigante Plaza in the Bronx, and St. Albans Park in Queens. Countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo returns as Creator and Executive Producer….

“Emerging from this difficult period, we have to consider deeply what we have learned and what we want to change,” said Deborah Borda, New York Philharmonic Linda and Mitch Hart President and CEO. “Last summer’s 81 Bandwagon concerts were a beacon for us — the beginning of a dialogue. We want to take that crucial work of partnership, in all its forms, even further. Bandwagon 2 allows us to center the voices of our partners, and utilize the Philharmonic’s resources to amplify the work of our collaborators. Fundamentally, it’s an opportunity to make joy with our community.”

The mobile venue for Bandwagon 2 is a customized 20-foot shipping container, which features a foldout stage and LED video wall designed and created by Chad Owens; a state-of-the-art Meyer Sound Spacemap Go system; integrated lighting; and a video control system designed and
created by Mark Grey. Groundswell, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, has created a new mural to adorn the sides of the container. Artist Julia Cocuzza designed the mural in collaboration with the Philharmonic and all partner organizations, incorporating visual elements
important to the identities of each group.


  • William Evans says:

    I presume Anthony Roth Costanzo is involved, given his picture is prominently shown. Additionally, are these concerts being streamed to the UK? Thanks!

  • Jack says:

    The NYPO still hasn’t announced their 2021-2022 season. The Met Opera has already done so.

  • John Borstlap says:

    No doubt that it’s good for the community, or: the communities. And the players can again engage with their professional abilities after a terrible period.

    I only wonder: why have classical music at all with such community project? Wouldn’t hiphop, rap, pop music or – maybe – jazz be more suited if the aim is to help communities to better identify with their group identity? Isn’t classical music the ‘wrong’ type, for being a flag for a certain ‘restricted group identity’?

    Why not presenting the orchestra in this mobile way with the accessible and entirely identity-less art form that it always was? Wouldn’t that serve any community better? And wouldn’t the players feel better? I’m only asking.

  • fflambeau says:

    After this is over can we nail Jaap up in the shipping container and send him back to the Netherlands, preferably with the freight to be paid on arrival?

  • jt says:

    It is always inspiring to see organizations thinking outside the box in these stagnant times

  • Jack says:

    The NYPO have yet to announce their 2021-2022 season. The Met Opera have already done so.

  • Missy says:

    Will they keep on truckin’ until David Geffen Hall is fully renovated? Where will they perform their 2021-22 season? I’m just dying to know.