Who comes up when you search ‘Metro musician’

Who comes up when you search ‘Metro musician’


norman lebrecht

March 03, 2021

Joshua Bell has cornered the market with a publicity stunt that date back 14 years and has been viewed almost 7 million times.

That’s called legacy.


  • Mecky Messer says:

    Almost seven million times…yeah so about 1/2 the views that multiple classical guitarists have on YT yet they don’t get to make outlandish claims of “legacy” or impact because, you know, its a “poor man’s instrument”.

    They don’t count apparently.

    • What??? says:

      What is your point? Taylor Swift also has a lot of views…

      Some people like guitars and others don’t, no problem with that at all.

      I personally hate them, weak sound, strained tone. Lutes are a different question. Guitars I like for amateur easy music making, not at serious concerts.

      • Mecky Messer says:

        Your ability to reason poses a great challenge to the regurgitated statement that “mozart makes you a better person”

        Taylor Swift gets likes with POP, not with Bach or Albeniz, who I suppose are not classical composers for you?

        Say what you may about the instrument, you’re free to not like it (your loss, really)

        However, what is more shaming and quite honestly embarassing is the attempt of the “elite” to desperately appeal to younger audiences by making people play modern pop tunes in 300 year old instruments. Its apalling and no cool kid in their right mind would fall for the gimmick of choosing the “bro” looking Cellist playing bob marley/ coldplay/ etc on an acoustic instrument vs. the original songs or a decent cover. Talk about sounding weak and strained!

        Sadly, narrow minded administrators would rather pay top dollar for a violinist with a bandana pretending (and failing) to play the guitar, than to having a guitarist playing actual classical music. Why would kids run away and roll their eyes at the word “orchestra” or “classical” one wonders?

        No wonder the industry has done so well in recent decades. You are SO in tune (sic!) with the world.

        To each their own, but don’t pretend that your squeaking stringed instruments or boorish wind instruments in any way can compete with the 6 stringed king of them all.

        Like I said, its your own loss.

        • Theo says:

          “However, what is more shaming and quite honestly embarassing is the attempt of the “elite” to desperately appeal to younger audiences by making people play modern pop tunes in 300 year old instruments.”

          Couldn’t agree more. It’s the equivalent of pimping out a Catholic nun.

  • Mecky Messer says:

    Ana Vidovic: 36M views playing Albeniz.


    But its guitar, I get it.

    So we were saying, 7 million views is such an amazing achievement….


  • Anon says:

    Amazing that Bell got that many views for a subway stunt.
    Pianist Seong-Jin Cho has over 13 million views for his Chopin 1st piano concerto. The video is a little over 5 years old.

  • Sharon says:

    I thought that the purpose was to gauge the unclassically educated public’s reaction to classical music, not publicity for himself. If I recall correctly of the hundreds of people that passed him by a three year old child had the most interest in listening.

  • Guess who reached more than
    FOURTY FIVE MILLION !!! views?
    45.000.000 !!!

    A true legend on the cello with a pure classical piece for cello solo.

    Mischa Mayskys interpretation of the first Bach-suite is undoubtedly the top-rated classical performance on youtube.


  • M2N2K says:

    In classical music and other fine arts, popularity has never been an indicator of anything other than itself and perhaps accessibility. Thus, the single greatest piece of classical music ever written is hardly the one called Canon by Pachelbel, even though the top two videos of that masterpiece on YT have enjoyed 100 million views. Compare that towering achievement with such mere trifles as, for example, Stravinsky’s Rite Of Spring the top two full videos of which account for not much more than the puny 3.1 million combined. This huge disparity does not at all mean that the universally beloved Canon is approximately 33 times better than that obscure little Le Sacré. As for instrumental royalty, as someone who does enjoy listening to good guitarists occasionally, I nevertheless believe that even harp is closer to the court, because it has much greater range of frequencies and, in addition to both hands, requires two feet to operate its seven pedals. Nearer to the throne would be the piano with its huge range of both frequencies and volume as well as three pedals to keep feet busy. But the throne itself has been and continues to be occupied for several centuries already by the absolute monarch of instruments that is the largest of them all and is equipped with several keyboards for all twenty fingers, in addition to at least a couple dozen pedals for both feet and no less than several thousand pipes of astonishing variety of sizes – with all that giving it the widest range of frequencies and by far the most monumental volume power.